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Re: How about a new arabic TEX


You can use Omega (1) for this. I think I'll write a mini-howto about how to use it as this question come frequently.


(1) http://omega.cse.unsw.edu.au:8080/index.html

Faycal Djerourou wrote:
Salem for all.

I want ot know if an arabic text interpreter to
generate dvi files exists (I have see in latex, a
module that process arabic, it is not easy to write
arabic with latin caracters ;-) ).
I want to build a arabic tex as LaTex2e, in this soft
text is given in arabic and will be proceeded to
generate an arabic dvi output file.

If this a soft like this is not under construction.
I'm waiting for your propositions.

Wa salemmm..

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