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Bayani 0.1a released

Salam All,

This to announce the first alpha release of Bayani !

You can download it from: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=34866&release_id=136010

Here's a quick summary of the implemented features:

- Possibility to plot graphs from data.
A table can be filled either by hand or directly from a text file.
- Possibility to plot complex function expressions thanks to an internal interpreter.
- Possibilty to fit a linear function on the data.
- Total Arabic interface with UTF-8 strings handling.
- Possibilty to save into a PNG image.
- Total English and French translations. Everything works with the same efficiency in all the versions, even the internal interpreter (in the appropriate language).

Most of the graphs software doesn't have an internal interpreter in order to represent functions. And while developping a C-Like expressions interpreter is not of a great originality, I think an arabic C-Like expressions interpeter IS an originality ;) (Though i'm no so sure...)

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it and find it useful.

Although this is an alpha version, it doesn't contain known bugs and is fully functional ;) I need to add some little things before the final 0.1 version, Mainly autotools configuration. If you test it and find any bugs, please report them via bugzilla.

Again, everyone's contribution to the project is truly welcome (autotools as a concrete example, but there's a lot of work to be done...)



PS: I noticed actually two bugs (I hope i'm not responsable for ;)) and I am not sure if they are due to my configuration or in bugs in QT mirroring:
1- In TabDialogs, the OK button is on the left, and the Cancel button is on the right, while it should have been the inverse.
2- In the Table, the X column is on the left and the Y one is on the right. Here also it should have been the contrary.
So, if you confirm that's the same on your PC's, I will report a bug to Trolltech.

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