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Re: a very suitable font for quran

Brother Yousif,
I really apologize and I'm ashame I didn't continue what I started.
It's just that I'm stuck in teaching and have to teach new courses
and I'm preparing all the time.
I'll do my best to upload the picture files as I have them scanned.
It's only this week that I'm gonna be really busy, but InShaAllah,
next week I'm gonna make a greate update specially to the audio
files and the font.
If anyone know about an easy way to create it please tell me. Anyway,
I'll be uploading the files to some place and inform you.

Sorry again.
Ossama Khayat

Mohammed Yousif wrote:

On Saturday 25 January 2003 03:48, Mohamed Aser wrote:

asslamo 3likom

I suggest to use this font for qtquran and gnomequran instead of M$ tahoma,
it looks very closer to the 3othmany font look at this screen shot
the font is "kacst quran" which came with kacst font set

Good font but it's very small, and when I tried to resize it it became
ugly and bold.

the bad thing is it is ugly for English letters :(

This can be handled by using this font for Arabic only.
However, all these are work-arounds, Ossama has done a great job
creating a new font suitable for othmani script.
He has the characters already scanned but unable to get help making
the font.
Ossama, could you please put them somewhere so someone can
jump up and help?
I tried to contact KACST though Mr.Yousef ALHarthi:
alharthi at kacst dot edu dot sa
However, I didn't get any replies. :-(
Ossama, please don't give up the job is almost finished, you have
done the most challenging task and the rest is easier.