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Re: Wine, Bidi, and Arabic

Hi Shachar, 
  I wanted to ask .. in keyboard.c I find:
 {"Turkish keyboard layout", 28599, &main_key_TK, &main_key_scan_qwerty, 
 {"Israeli keyboard layout", 28598, &main_key_IL, &main_key_scan_qwerty, 
 {"VNC keyboard layout", 28605, &main_key_vnc, &main_key_scan_vnc, 
 {"Greek keyboard layout", 28597, &main_key_EL, &main_key_scan_qwerty, 

now where does the numbers 28599,  28598, 28605, 28597 come from ? and what is 
the number for defining Arabic keyboard? is it set in some other file ?

About shaping, I guess that we can get shaping in a code outside fribidi, for 
Arabic and other Arabic Script languages, are you interested ?

Isam Bayazidi