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Re: qtquran-gui2 ("final2")

On Monday 06 January 2003 11:35, Mohamed Aser wrote:
> My Inbox Happily Received This From Mohamed Aser @ Sunday 05 January 2003
> 13:24 asslamo 3likom
> i've solved the previous problem "el 7amdo lellah" but another one appeared
> i think it is easy to solve , but i don't know how :(
> anyone have any idea about this?
I noticed you used KDE i18n, this is not what we want.
QtQuran should be able to run without KDE.
Anyway, I'm almost finished implementing i18n in QtQuran, so
you don't have to investigate further this problem just get rid of
any i18n call and use tr/trUtf8 instead.

Mohammed Yousif
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