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Re: not arabic applications

On Sun, Feb 16, 2003 at 04:03:13PM +0300, Hasanen Nawfal wrote:
> Salam
> i am a linux developer since 2 years , i worked with QT/KDE C/C++ programs .
> now i would participate in this group with my programs.
> now i am working on a program called ShowMail wich open your pop3 server and  
> show/delete/download any message(s) you want.
> the problem is that it does not support arabic because i wrote it with Kylix3 
> Delphi ( the full version ).
> so does arab eyes accept these kinds of programs in it's archive , anyway it 
> wrote by arabic programmer ( me ) although it does not support arabic.
> thanx.


Thanks for your post ;) There are 3 simple criteria that would almost
guarantee a project's addition to the Arabeyes project:

 + Linux/Unix support
 + Arabic support (or the intent to implement it)
 + Open Source license.

Otherwise, it would be considered on a different basis. Let us know
what the license is, and as far as ARabic support is concerned, we
can all try to help with whatever collective information we have to make
the implementation of Arabic support a possibility.

This does not guarantee its acceptance as an Arabeyes project (I'm not
the only one who makes that call), but these 3 things are essentially
a good way to know if it is eligible for consideration.

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