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Re: mined/mlterm ligature joining

--- Youcef Rabah Rahal <yrrahal42 hotmail com> wrote:
> Sorry for not being able to give you feedback on this for the time being. In 
> fact, I can't enter arabic in my mlterm. I can read utf-8 arabic files with 
> correct bidi but when I switch to arabic keyboard mlterm beeps everytime I 
> try to enter a character.

Not sure what this has to do with 'mined'.  Mined (like various other
applications) has its own means of entering arabic and is not dependant
on mlterm.  Simply start mined and press CTRL-K (capital K) and select
arabic and you should be fine (I had posted in the past day or two a
semi-detailed instruction list of what one needs to do to invoke and use

> This is strange since I can enter arabic in many other applications, katoob, 
> kbabel, qt linguist, vim...

As noted being able to enter arabic in mlterm (not released yet -
ie. in CVS) is simply there for command-line entry and has nothing
to do with the various applications.

> This doesn't seem to be a font problem since mlterm finds the font for 
> display.
> I have mlterm checked out from CVS.
> I'll try to fix that and tell you what i find.

I will talk with you on IRC about your mlterm problem/solution (but again
it has nothing to do with mined and/or vim, etc).

Salam and thanks for looking into this !!

 - Nadim

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