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Re: Problems compiling gnomequraan

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 10:01:31AM +0200, Ahmad Kamal wrote:
> Yeah, that would be nice too. Although, you application SHOULD compile out 
> of the box on a system like RedHat8 (very popular/recent). I think someone 
> needs to make sure it readily compiles on redhat and mandrake at least.

Sorry for late response,

I'm using Linux-Mandrake 9.0, and I have compiled GNOME Quran out of the
box (minus libspeex of course). Error code -3 from quran_init() is
because you haven't make install libquran to copy all data to 
libquran's data directory (default to /usr/local/share/libquran/xml)

For shared libraries issue, sometimes you have to invoke
'/sbin/ldconfig' after installing new shared libraries in /usr/local/lib
even if you have put the path in ld.so.conf. The config.log file is very
useful to track the linking problem with test programs.

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