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Re: Problems compiling gnomequraan

--- Mohammed Sameer <Uniball gmx net> wrote:
> Once upon a time Ahmad Kamal wrote @ Mon, 03 Feb 2003 11:34:07 +0200
> > Anyway, there are two other problems.
> > 1- When I 'make' gnomequran, it tries to compile a test vorbis program that
> > fails. It says, "test program compiled but couldn't run, possiblly because 
> > of linking problems". although I have vorbis, I even reinstalled everything
> > related to it. The lib path is in ld.so.conf?! any help
> No comment unless i can see the config.log ;)

I would _highly_ suggest we start telling people to use the bug-tracking
system arabeyes is hosting (that's what its there for).  I would also
suggest that all packages should include a "BUGS" file in which known
bugs and work-around are included (as well as common newbie mistakes)
_and_ most importantly what to do to report a bug (ie. what sort of info
to include and what/where to post it - http://bugs.arabeyes.org/index.cgi)

Sorry for the house-keeping stuff, but we need to be a bit more organized
with regards to common repeated posts.


 - Nadim

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