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Re: Developer Guide

--- Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir at arabeyes dot org> wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 21, 2003 at 11:46:27AM +0200, Mohammed Sameer wrote:
> > ChangeLog, Come on guys DON'T complicate things. It's important but I 
> > don't think it's mandatory.
> It is mandatory if you intend to make a release. I don't remember when
> was the last time I grabbed a prgram that did not have a changelog file.
> If there is one that did not have a changelog file, I would not be
> taking it seriously.. since the author would imply that he is not
> tracking its progress and so he is not serious enough.

Generating Changelog files is much much simpler than you think.  If you
commit with meaningful 'log messages' (and this is very important for a
number of other reasons already) you can simply run 'cvs2cl.pl' and it
will do it all for ya :-) 



 - Nadim

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