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Hijri code shuffle

Here's my plan with regard to the ITL/hijri project.

 + I'm going to rename the current uploaded 'hijri.cpp' file
   to 'umm_alqura.c' (there is no reason why it's a C++ file)
 + I will add the rather dated code from reingold and name that
   hijri.c (this file will, I really hope, be updated soon with
   what we've been talking about in terms of getting a very
   updated fully functional pre and post Hijrah implementation
   based on reingold's latest book -- Roozbeh, right ?)
 + I will then create a very minimal 'demo.c' file which will
   engage both 'hijri' and 'umm_alqura' via a command-line flag.
 + I will also add a more functional command-line application
   to be used with some bells and whistles (akin to what was
   done to 'prayertime.c'

So what does this mean - it should better structure how we should
pursue this project.  Both options (umm_alqura and whatever else
we'll come up with) will be available and others, if need be, can
be added.  The API will be solidified enough so that we can wrap
all of this into a library and anticipate future changes.

I will do all of the above in the next 2-3 days unless I hear
otherwise.  Ahmad.T/msx, you OK with all of this ?  I really hope
this is an OK direction to proceed in (keep in mind that I'm
merely trying to help here - others will have to drive this
topic more fully once we're all settled).  The 'umm_alqura'
code could also use a bit of hardening and boundary checking
(along with more explicit variable names, etc); I tried mailing
its author, but haven't heard back yet.


 - Nadim

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