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Re: farsi. farsi! farsi? farsi: (fwd)

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, [iso-8859-1] Muhammad Alkarouri wrote:

> > keymap/isiri2901.kmap.gz
> > This is the standard keyboard map for Persian.  It's outdated and
> > should be upgraded.  I would provide a new one later.
> I think we will include isiri2901.kmap.gz till you provide the next one.
> Everyone (Arabeyes). I think we need a unicode keyboard map for Arabic. I
> cannot find one and I don't have the knowledge to create one. Please help.

It's not any hard.  Actually it would get harder when you want to
implement it the right way.  But something like mine is easy.

Look at mine, and run program named 'showkey' on console, and
replace keycodes.

> While the Arabeyes community figures out what the next version will be called
> and the details of the credits, I will try to check the various code licenses
> and to get into the habit of autotooling..
> I will contribute to the Akka 2 (or whatever name) in shaa Allah, as based on
> farsi.

One more thing I want to add is that I think calling external
utilities like setfont is the prefered way, not implementing them
in C again.


> Regards,
> Muhammad Alkarouri
> MSc Telecommunication and Information Systems