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Re: Developer Guide

On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 04:19:34AM -0500, Samy Al Bahra wrote:
> SGML is very popular. I prefer it personally. The fact is ElZubeir, you
> should NOT require that all our code be documented with doxygen, UNLESS,
> you do force a uniform coding/commenting style so one DOxygen setup
> can be used to generate actual documentation. I am not familiar with
> DOxygen and so are a lot of others, you shouldn't force them into learning
> it. Code should ATLEAST be well commented and the program itself should
> ATLEAST contain documentation on how to use the program, how to install,
> etc... (the usual stuff).

Requiring the use of Doxygen is not a simple matter of doing a Doxyfile
to configure it. The use of Doxygen is meant to be there so all
functions are commented using the Doxygen commenting style. This ensures
that each and every function has a minimal set of documentation to go
along with it. That's really the whole point. Since commenting styles
vary from one person to another, using doxygen as a standard simplifies
the matter.

> No, it is not a huge burden. Do all you really think some sort of magical
> power maintains all these operating systems? We're all running on the same

They are not magic? Damn!


Isn't that why we have the FreeBSD-ports project on Arabeyes? 

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