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Re: asking help

--- "muneer c.p" <muneercalicut at yahoo dot com> wrote:
>   I am a student from india, and I try to creat a
> computer program for Holy quran, In Malayalam and
> arabic language, can I get arabic Quran text (not
> picture but text format )using for database form site.
> my pc working in windows 98 (no arabic enabled)

Muneer, the Quran data on our CVS is not complete yet
and it has not been verified (that is slated to happen);
you are thus recommended to hold off on using that data
in any form.  To view the data you will also need a special
font file as 4 glyphs (or characters if you will) seem to
be missing from the unicode charts - more details will be
forth-coming on arabeyes' "general" mailing-list.


 - Nadim

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