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Re: About Arabic Desktop

> Salam,
> You used to make some? Like what?
> Why would you ever want to do something like that?
it is a Mistake i'm sorry :s

> To better ask the
> question, what is so special about the "Arab and
> Islamic world" needs
> that would be only served by a complete rewrite of a
> desktop
> environment? Because, ig GNOME and KDE both already
> serve most (if not
> all) those needs, it makes absolutely no sense to
> write a new one _just_
> for that purpose.
you are right! it is a Mistake i'm sorry :s

> It is possible, but not feasible -- to put it in
> short.
OK OK it is a Mistake i'm sorry :'(

I'm sorry for introducing an idea like that, plz
forgive me, i leave in peace :'(

Fee Aman Ellah
Mohammad Nabil

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