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New RPMS, SRPMS available for testing (and more)

Assalam `alaykum

This is to let you all know that there have been some changes to the

interim RPMS and SRPMS web repository I set up earlier.

Directory Organization:

* The URL for the source RPM files have been changed to http://alidrus.mlcc.com.my/SRPMS/ (binary RPM files are still at http://alidrus.mlcc.com.my/RPMS/ )

* All packages have been separated by category into the subdirectories Fonts/  Katoob/  Quran/ and Extras/.

New Arabeyes RPM Packages:

* All font packages from the Arabeyes sourceforge download page are available as RPMs.

* Fribidi packages rebuilt to suit the Red Hat 9 environment are also available under the Extras/ subdirectory. If you have installed RPMs by rebuilding them from the fribidi author's tarball, please uninstall them before installing these files.

* Also available under the Extras/ subdirectory are RPMs of less, and vim 6.1 based on stock RedHat 9 packages but with patches from Arabeyes applied.

With that said, I strongly urge that anyone on the developer's mailing list running Red Hat 9 install the packages and put them to the test.


Abu Bakar Al-Idrus