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Katoob 0.3.5 Released

A long time since the latest stable release, Thanks to all the contributers and
testers, This release is there because of your efforts.
   Changes since the last development release:
   - DnD Support  
   - More UI enhancements.
   - Backup before saving.
   - Rewritten BiDi line direction detection algorithm.
   - Native printing support, No more txtbdf2ps stuff ;-)
   - IDL files are detected and highlighted.
   - Numerous code cleanups, bug and mem leaks fixes, potential segfaults were
     fixed and stability increased.
  Changes since the last stable release:
   + All of the above plus:
   - Rewrote many parts of the code.   
   - A new emulator infrastructure.
   - BiDi support.
   - All ISO and Windows encodings are supported now.
   - Many UI enhancements.
   - Spell checking is Ok now.
   - Source highlighting.
   - More and more than I can remember.

Source tarball is available from:  

Debian woody package is available from:

or via my apt repository:

deb http://bignachos.com/~uniball/ debian/
deb-src http://bignachos.com/~uniball/ debian/

apt-get update && apt-get install katoob

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