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Re: TeX and Arabic

On Thu, 19 Sep 2002, Alaa The Great wrote:

> sorry for all the misinformation I distributed,

No problem, and no need to apologize :)

> I'm trying to find/remember my sources (I'm sure it was not my
> imagination and wishful thinking :-)

The source for the support thing should be our own documentation, but the
point is that we are listing all previous sponsors there, and not the 
current ones.

> the answer to having a Free arabic capable TeX/LaTeX system.

So we are on the same ship. I'll keep Arabeyes posted about Arabic 
achievements in Omega (if any ;)).

> I'm sure I read this somewhere I can't have invented it :-( maybe I got
> that impression from the Future Plans part of the projects homepage,
> since you need developers to develop a Linux editor I thought you may
> already have a windows editor.

I get it now. We do have a Windows editor, but that's a Windows *text*
editor, something like a TeX shell with Persian editing support. But we
are not heading for any WYSIWY* editor.