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Re: docbook css questions

Hi all,

Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

On Sun, Sep 01, 2002 at 03:20:49AM +0300, Alaa The Great wrote:

Hi all,

I know that this is not the right place for my question but developer
is the only active list.

I'm trying to write Arabic documents using LyX and Docbook, it is
working fine so far, LyX needs a bit of tweak for the SGML output to
be valid though.
problems start when producing output from the SGML source, I failed to
find a way to specify RTL paragraphs, no my question is can we use a
cascading style sheet to force paragraph direction??
a typical docbook.css looks something like this

..BOOK .TITLE          { text-align: center }
..BOOK .SUBTITLE       { text-align: center }
..BOOK .CORPAUTHOR     { text-align: center }
..BOOK .AUTHOR         { text-align: center }
..BOOK .AFFILIATION    { text-align: center }
..BOOK .EDITEDBY       { text-align: center }
..BOOK .EDITOR         { text-align: center }
..BOOK .GRAPHIC        { text-align: center }

so I assume these translate into tags eventually, if HTML supports
tags then surely we can put them somewhere in a css file.

I don't think HTML has anything to do with bidi (and when we refer
to bidi here, we refer to the unicode bidi algorithm uax#9).
The only thing html has that is related and I'm aware of is "dir=rtl".

Not true. A browser that displays RTL characters must use
the Unicode bidi algorithm. See chapter 8 "Language information
and text direction " of HTML4 specification on:

I really know nothing about all this stuff, I'm just trying to come up
with a working solution, hopefully I won't have to learn SGML, XML,
DSSSL, HTML CSS and all these lovely letters just to be able  to
produce a single sourced Arabic document.

To tell you the truth, I have tried to do that in the past (skipping the LyX part).. and ended up running circles around myself with no luck whatsoever... so I put that on indefinite hold. The idea was to get something setup to standardize Arabic documentation for the project.

Anyone have any ideas? If you find answers elsewhere, please do
share ;)