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libquran should use verbose or speex

For those who don't know arabic, Mr.Khayaat offered to record ogg files
for libquran for the reciter (Mohammed Khayaat) who is his father and
to provide a font for rendering the Qur'an.
He asked about the specifications and tools neededto record the files.
Isam mentioned the 'speex' project (http://www.speex.org):
  The Speex project aims to build a patent-free, Open Source/Free
  Software voice codec. Unlike other codecs like MP3 and Ogg Vorbis,
  Speex is designed to compress voice at low bitrates in the
  8-32 kbps/channel range. Possible applications include VoIP, internet
  audio streaming, archiving of speech data (e.g. voice mail), and
  audio books.
I tested it and found that it's ideal for the Qura'n project.
Now my idea is to use the speex codec rather than the vorbis
codec, I looked at the speex codec api, it's more complicated than
the vorbis codec api, but the gain worths it!
I would like to hear your opinion before I make that move Mr.Damt.

Mohammed Yousif
"She is in my mind and soul, I love her with all my heart and blood".
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