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List Language ( was Re: Linux CDs - I need your suggestions!)

On Thursday 28 November 2002 19:33, Phactorial - wrote:
> It has already been said that you should only speak English in this mailing
> list.

Ù‹Well .. If we did agree on such thing before .. at the days when Arabic 
support in Linux ( for GUI or Consol) was not complete ..

Anyway .. the only thing that maybe "shouldn't" happen was that I used an 
encoding other than UTF-8 .. that was by mistake .. but beside that I find no 
harm done in having communication in Arabic as well as English.. I understand 
that there is many English-only developers here .. they had done so much for 
Arabeyes, I personly thank them .. but I guess that they understand that the 
use of Arabic in Arabeyes list is understandable and expected (as much as it 
is expected to have communication in Dutch in any German Developers Group)

Isam Bayazidi