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Re: katoob release?

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 06:33:18PM +0300, Mohammed Sameer wrote:
> don't tell me i'll have to remove those underscores from the translation
> file ?!!!
> u didn't see the translated interface i fixed the problem and now it's
> fixed in the CVS
> what do u say mo. elzubeir ??

Actually Sayed is right. This is a known bug with Pango that is apparently
'too complicated' for a quick fix.


Isam reported this bug back in May 26, 2002. There's a link to that bug report
from the Gnome-i18n project page on Arabeyes (since there was an earlier
thread on this).

It is really up to you if you want Katoob to look awkward until Pango fixes
their bugs, or if you want to be inconvinienced and remove all accelerators
from the application.

I would suggest you remove underline accelerators from menu items -- but
again, this is your call.

As for others reading this.. JUMP into Pango, and see what can be fixed. We
can't just sit around and wait for Pango to take care of their bugs. All those
developers lurking on this list need to come out of the shadows and flex some
skills ;)

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