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Adding Bidi to Fvwm ?

With the recent work on multibyte support in Fvwm2 - has any thought been
given to those languages that are right-to-left oriented (Arabic, Farsi,
Hebrew, etc...) ?  In other words, have any considerations been given to
the addition of Bidi (Bi-directionality) ?


May I suggest a compile-time option of including Fribidi (open source Bidi


I'd be interested in adding Arabic support to Fvwm but that is very much
hinged on the inclusion of Bidi (its a first-order requirement).  It would
greatly simply life for me (and others I'm sure) if there was an option
to include and enable Bidi without having to resort to hacks.

For what its worth - the inclusion of Bidi will certainly increase Fvwm's
user base, since it would be one of the few window-managers with FULL
multibyte support; a BIG deal to those that are right-to-left'ies :-)

Any takers ? Olivier ;-) ?


BTW: Please CC replies to all noted in header.

 - Nadim

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