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Re: Quran license

On Sat, Dec 28, 2002 at 02:41:15PM +0300, Osama ALASSIRY wrote:
> The text and audio are probably already public domain... I don't think
> you can GPL them... you do not own the right.
> Same thing for the data in the xml file, you can only licence the XML
> dtd (file format).

And how exactly did you gather that they are public domain? Especially for 
the audio? My main concern here is that someone would make use of the
audio files without giving back to the OSS community. The audio files
obviously required some work. 

Please do the following (for those who have these things accessible):
  - if you have audio tapes of Quranic readings, look for any kind of
    copyright notice or statement of ownership
  - if you have multiple copies (different issues) of the Quran text look for
    possible copyright notices.

I think we should just follow those. If you find nothing indicating any
kind of ownership, I guess public domain it is.

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