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Re: TODO libquran

On Thu, Dec 26, 2002 at 05:27:13PM +0100, Maher . wrote:
> I saw some functions in libquran that are documented. Are they documented 
> according a known style like Doxygen or KDev. I know that Doxygen support 
> many documenting styles, but I don't recognize the style used in libquran.

I used gnome-doc for libquran. Just put
* function_name:
* @first_param: description about first_param
* @second_param: description about second_param
* description about function_name

then, in the shell just type:
$ gnome-doc -html quran.c > libquran.html

then you'll get libquran.html
you can pick other format (like docbook, etc). hint: read gnome-doc manual :)

> I also want to ask about one thing. I saw the code in libquran and I want 
> to ask the permission to beautify it and document it better. So it will be 
> easy to read for people who don't know the source code too.

sure, I see last changes by Yousif has not been documented yet.

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