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Re: Why was my account deleted?

On Friday 13 December 2002 20:40, Maher . wrote:
> It seems my account was deleted after my last mail. I didn't find my
> account in the mailinglist on the site anymore. So I had to subscribe
> again. I wonder why my account was deleted. I didn't so something against
> the rules of arabeyes or against the rules of any human being.
> I also didn't receive the reactions on my last mail

Dear Maher .. there was nothing personal to delete your account .. it was pure 
technical .. your email address had been bouncing emails for some reason 
(maybe your inbox was full .. this is a common probelm with hotmail users)
make sure that your inbox is not full so that you can receive emails, or maybe 
you use an email address other than webmail for your lists subscribtion ..

Isam Bayazidi