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Re: iconv (linux vs solaris)

--- Bruno Haible <haible at ilog.fr> wrote:
>     - bdftopcf -o 10x20.pcf 10x20.bdf
>     - gzip -9 10x20.pcf

Yah, we've opted to leave the font in bdf during this "development"
phase so that people can more easily see its contents (there are
more bdf viewers out there than pcf).

> My guess is that it is related to the way you installed the 10x20
> font. The difference between Linux/FreeBSD and Solaris is that the
> former systems ship with XFree86 4.x, which already comes with a 10x20
> font. This font ends at U+3000 because Markus Kuhn judged that a memory
> saving of 600 KB per open Unicode font is more important than the
> ability to display characters >= 0x3000. When you install your 10x20
> font, you must ensure that it is in a directory that is listed in the
> X server's fontpath before /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/ (which
> contains Markus Kuhn's font). One way to ensure this is to use "xset +fp".

Bruno, you've hit the nail on the head.  One of the two guys that had
complained about this didn't follow the instructions (to the "t" :-) and
used the installed 10x20 instead of the supplied font file now reports
being able to see shaped characters - finally.

Note to self: contact XFree86 in the future to include all the glyphs
              above 0x3000 in their font files.

We THANK you immensely for you help and your prompt response.

 - Nadim

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