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Vim-6.0 & Arabic

I had mailed some questions to 'vim-multibyte' a week or so ago, but it
seems as though there are problems with that list (the message wasn't
posted, nor did it bounce).

In any regard, I had the following initial questions regarding adding
Arabic support to VIM-6,


I have gone past some of the initial queries in that email (question #1
still stands though) and now have the following questions/comments,

I've realized that the insertion point (or one of them anyways) needs
to be in screen.c (in 'screen_char') and what needs to be done there is
for me to modify the contents of ScreenLines and ScreenLinesUC (ie. to
substitute the none shaped encodings with the appropriate shaped one).

That is fine - it kinda works, but I have the following problem (I'll
only mention the top one so as not to go guts with questions :-)

After modifying the contents of ScreenLines and ScreenLinesUC (actually
after modifying its 'off' and 'off-1' positions), how do I tell VIM to
redisplay those two characters ?  If I do a CTRL-L (ie. redraw) then I
get the affect I want, but how to do it systematically ?  Is there a
refresh call on a per position basis ?  In other words, if I modify
a character's encoding in position 30, how do I tell VIM that I've done
so, and for it to re-display that position again ?

I've attempted 'out_str' et al, but that doesn't seem to do the trick
even if I muck with the cursor_w.col values.

Your help would be much appreciated.

BTW: if there is a better mailing-list of forum to discuss this, please
     let me know (or better yet, CC your comments there as well :-)

 - Nadim

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