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Salam all - its been almost a year since we used this list in any capacity
towards addressing various pending issues within the Arabeyes project.  We
all know that the 'core' group as is stands now is in a rather dysfunctional
and semi-dormant mode partly due to the way it was handled.  I have some
ideas on how we can change that and make things a bit more streamlined
yet I have a simple request.  Let me start with the hard part :-)  The
request is that the we hold at least monthly meetings (and possibly on a
per-need basis as well) to discuss pressing issues -- that's it.  In other
words, what is being requested in a means to schedule and kick-off much
needed and urgent (if you ask me) meetings just to come to a consensus
on various topics.  I can outline what I personally think we should
change within 'core' but that could deviate us from the request above
(yet I'll give a hint of it below) which could actually inch us closer
to streamlining 'core' on a group level.

In short, I don't think 'core' should be an oversight group in charge of
administrating the server.  If you sit down and think about it (or even go
through our meeting minutes [1] if you like) you'll see that roughly 90%
of our time was tied-up with "hacking the server" when in fact it shouldn't
have been - they became mundane, systemic and boring to say the least.
The fact that the Arabeyes community as a whole is small made us (or maybe
I should say "me") latch-on to anyone that was available to do things which
ultimately overburdened everyone involved (including myself).  As such I
think 'core' should simply be used as a 'think-tank' to set forth agendas,
vision, direction, policies and render decisions.  That was what 'core'
was supposed to be and I truly think that is what 'core' must be for it
to function properly.

I value your comments (as do others), so please note them.

With all that said, can we meet for 1 hour ?  I can set an agenda
once a day/time is agreed upon.

[1] http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/ae_admin/weekly_minutes


 - Nadim

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