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Presentation at Emirates University


I apologize for extending my 'out of commission' status, but I have very
little choice there. This new job I am starting involves a considerable
learning curve and it could take me another week to be able to get back
to .. appear.

On that note, I had a call from our friend from the UAE LUG and asked me
why I wasn't replying to his emails and that he got a reply from a
Youcef guy who said only I, Mohammed "The Magnificient" Elzubeir could
do the job. Wow, gee.. thanks ;)

So, it is extreme short notice, but I will pull it off. I am essentially
going to take down our Gitex 2004 presentation that was never, translate
to Arabic (in OOo of course since he specifically asked, as if I Was
going to use PowerPoof!). There will be no time for Nadim's beloved
editorials and ooh, add this and .. noo, remove that stuff. You guys
will just have to trust my judgement.

The venue will take place at 8pm (my presentation at 9pm -- dubai time)
on Monday 10, 2004 at Emirates University in Al Ain, UAE. The slot is
for 45 minutes and it will have to be in Arabic. The audience is mostly
students with some faculty members. There will be presentations about
Linux in general and others more specific. Ours will concentrate on
Arabeyes work and so Gitex 2004's presentation is pretty adequate for
the job (with some updates and a few modifications + localization) ;)

Sorry, I've had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much coffee and so I'm a little

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