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Re: Partnership file

Nadim: I read it and it looks good. I like the communication section.

sorry I have looked and looked and found very few policies (weeding
through googles search results). I found one that I thought was direct and
to the point. I think we can take a few ideas from it
(http://www.debian.org/social_contract). For example:

- adding the GPL and Artistic license... It is a good idea to place some
sort of basic license to all projects on Arabeyes as a minimum requirement

- point 3 of the social contract is also pretty important. It is a good
point to mention our bug tracking... (I don't know if you want to be that

Other policy that is a good read I found is
(http://sourceforge.net/tos/tos.php). They talk about a few things suchs

- termination
- links( liability matter)
- warranty and liability
- Trade mark Issues
- Violation of terms

I think we should also mention in the policy that extensions to this
policy applying to specific projects could be added and are considered

Hope this helps :)

> On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 01:11:21PM -0700, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
>> Gents, could you please look into and comment on the recent additions
>> to the localcvs partnership file,
>>   views/partnership
>> We'd like this file to be ready for consumption at the earliest time
>> possible.  As it will be publicized soon enough and will become normal
>> policy akin to various other policies we have.
> Having already looked at it, I am endorsing it. Could the others please
> vote it up (or  suggest amendments/modifications if necessary) ASAP. I
> would ideally like this to be ready within the next 48 hours.
> Regards
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