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My vision for Core in 2005


I should have emailed this yesterday, but apparently it slipped my mind...

After being tasked with putting together a list of the thigs I would
like to see the Arabeyes Core Team do in 2005, I eventually came up
with the list below. They are not arranged in any order of priority or
otherwise, and the list is not final:

* Revive QAC, permanently.
* Hold a seminar/event in Dubai or Bahrain. 
* Raise more funds (mostly for the above). 
* Start a full-fledged recruitment campaign. 
* Translate the static pages on the website to Arabic [OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE]. 
* Find a way tomake possible the translation of non-static text on the
website (the stuff on MySQL).
* Start an unofficial but very loud movement or campaign to promote
the deployment of FOSS in Arabic-speaking countries.

Its a medium-sized, realistic and not too-ambitious list. Its still
growing, but I do hope to see comments/additions from you gents on
whats already there :-)