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Re: Casablanca photos up

--- Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj <aalarfaj at gmail dot com> wrote:
> The good bulk of the photos from the Casablanca event are up. The
> album still needs some work, adding captions and comments and
> re-ordering the photos, but I think the album is now in a presentable
> state, so I unhid it:
> http://art.arabeyes.org/casablanca2004
> We can make the big announcement with my full report which I should
> post on general very soon.

Once the captions are included and all the photos are added (award
photo and handing of it, etc) then we can go nuts with it in terms
of announcements, etc (do order them as you see fit).  Meanwhile hunt
down some more photos - I saw ones that included you being handed
the award somewhere :-)

Salam and thanks.

 - Nadim

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