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Potential Moroccan Help


Here is a list of people I met in Morocco, whom I thought have great
potential and are in a very good position to help us.

1. Tarik Fdil. A founding father of free software in Morocco. He
currently has two major projects to his name. One is Sirius and the
other is Siragi. Sirius is a QT-based management-like application made
to facilitate a more efficient workplace in educational institutes
(schools, universities etc)... I am not sure what it contains exactly,
but Mr. Fdil told me has no time to work on it at the moment. Perhaps
there are a few brave souls here on Arabeyes who can help with this

His other project, is a robust OCR program, something which we have
been looking for for a long time. It is not only designed to read text
from hard copies, but it should also dictate/pronounce said text. This
will make it an excellent tool for the blind. From what I gather
Siragi is at a relatively mature stage in its development.

>From the information above I guess we can all agree on the potential
of these two projects and that we should waste no time at all in
getting in touch with Mr. Fdil and asking him to host his projects
with us on Arabeyes, so he can reach a wider audience with his work
and so he can have his pick from the young talents we have for his
assistants and helpers.

2. Rachid Boukhari. Mr. Boukhari actively sought us after finding we
were looking for a sys admin. I dont know why but his requests must
have fell the through the cracks. I think its time now for us to
review his application ASAP and to get in touch with him, before he
finds some other project to fill up his free time. It seems that
sys-admining is something he has been doing for quite a bit of time,
so even though he is not a long-time member of Arabeyes perhaps this
is an oppertunity for us to expand our community by adding another
professional to our ranks and also have our Sys-admin position filled
at the same time.

3. Jamaleddine Benoudah. This young man is not a font expert, but a
font enthusiast. I told him we have been seeking a font expert for
some time, and even though he isnt one at the moment he still knows
more than the lot of us. Perhaps we should outline what we are looking
for in a font expert (so he knows what he has to research and learn)
and get in touch with him when we can.

4. A very eloquent and linguistically capable young man by the name of
Rida Makkawi expressed an interest in QaMoose/Wordlist. His talents
too should be sought after.

5. Mohammed Kebdani whom we all know gave a presentation called
'Arabisation' at CLD. Perhaps we can use this presentation ourselves
as well. We should get in touch with Mr. Kebdani and ask him for this
presentation, where we can have Youcef or Arafat (or anyone who knows
French) to translate it for us.

6. Mr. Zenane Mohammed was a representative from the ministry of
higher education attending the event. I had a prolonged talk with him,
and he said he can put us in touch with some linguists and experts in
the field. I would have been content if he had just given us a list of
email addresses, but who knows maybe with his direct intervention and
go-between they will be more willing to move and help us. You all know
how much we need this right now. Let us first outline exactly what
kind of expertise we are looking for and forward this to Mr. Zenane
and hope for the best.

So, that is my list. Waiting to hear what you gents have to say,