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Re: Trip report(s)

On Sat, 25 Dec 2004 11:21:46 -0800 (PST), Nadim Shaikli
<shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> Abdulaziz, I'm sure you are busy as is, but I thought I'd mention this as
> a reminder.
> 1. Do please write-up a report about the trip to .ma so that it can mailed
>    to 'general' - this report will also be linked-to from our first press
>    release (as well as a homepage News item).  The idea is to have it be
>    generic and to give the reader the feel of the event with a brief
>    summary of what took place, trends, issues, etc (no editorials).
> 2. [...]

Sure. I am now in KSA, so not only am I busy but I also have personal
engagements which I would rather not do but you know how it is :-)

> 3. Do please line-up and keep in touch with those that you feel can benefit
>    our cause (volunteers, financiers, etc).  We'll need to contact each one
>    and proceed with your thoughts (ie. so simply write them all done before
>    time affects your memory :-)

Come on give me a little credit here :-) I wrote them all down before
I packed my suitcase in Casablanca. I'll be detailing them all to you

> 4. Do please upload to art.arabeyes.org all relevant pictures and do please
>    take some very clear pictures of the award you were handed so that we can
>    point to it and ponder :-)

I am having trouble uploading the pics to art.arabeyes.org. Simply put
my login and password arent being honoured. Anyway, the relevant pics
I took and some  (but definitely not all) of the ones other people
took are here:


Hmm, whats that? The trophy? Er, its going to be some time before I
can take clear pictures of that. I lost my camera on the way back from
.ma. I bought a brand new one (<drool/>7.2 mega-pixels oh yes...) but
I did not bring the award back with me from Lebanon fearing something
would happen to it. I'll be back in .lb by the third. Hope its ok to
wait til then.

Sorry for all the delays, but I guess since I'm a core'ite now, I
should be expected to slack off from time to time! ;-)