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Re: Update from Casablanca

On Sun, 19 Dec 2004 11:51:19 +0400, Mohammed Elzubeir
<elzubeir at arabeyes dot org> wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-12-18 at 23:27 -0800, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> > Not sure there is much we can do there beyond looking into, again,
> > the need to translate into Arabic some of our static webpages (it
> > would have been ideal if we were able to generate .POT files of our
> > website to turn that into a project :-)

Nah, we dont have to do that. If we pool all possible output messages
that could be displayed to the user on our website into
output.inc.php, we can then just make a different copy of that file
with the text strings in Arabic. We can also have the gents here in
Linux-Maroc also make a French version, if they're interested.

> I think it's time we seriously consider moving to Plone then. It's on my
> new year's resolutions list (it's not that long ;)

Can you list the benifits? Sell this like you really want it :-)
> I think we also need to exert some extra effort in retaining interested
> talent and not bog them down with canned replies to registrations alone.

Agreed. We should take a more human-like approach to replying to
newly-registered members.

> Btw, what were the other awards for? Also, what is 'Best Free Project'
> exactly? Best Free Project of Arabic projects? Of .. ?

Dont know what the other awards are for. Everything was in French. I
do know that Tarek Fdil and Mohammed Kibdani are like the godfathers
of FOSS here in Morocco, and as for RMS well you have to give him
something just for coming :-)

Our award says "Milleur Projet Libre" which I was told was best free
project. I guess it just means best free project that had a
representative present in Casablanca right there and then :-)

> > Let's hope we get a
> > bit of reasonable notice next time around (2 days were most certainly
> > not enough), but it does sound like going there certainly helped us
> > and everyone else interested in this field from a data exchange point
> > of view.
> >

I harped on this point on and on. The boys told me they had to
organize this whole thing in less than three weeks. Amazing
achievement, but they also were exhausted and learned their lessons:

1. Arabeyes rule
2. They will give us and themselves enough time to prepare next time around.

> Nod. We are going to have something here in Dubai, I promise. 2005 will
> be the year of the seminars.

Count me IN!!

> I have a question -- what did you do after the workshops? How is Casa in
> general?

All this info will be found either on my blog or I will story-tell it
on IRC. I will say this: I will never pass up any chance to visit
Morocco again in the future. Im already thinking of come here again on
a purely sight-seeing trip. Im going shopping today for souvenirs for
the friends in .lb

> Cool stuff. I really look forward to seeing those pictures.. From what
> I'm reading, you've done a super job.

Thanks! I did what I could :-)