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Unicode doc

Here is the document [1] that Abdulaziz and I have been putting together,
do please give any comments for we'd like to move ahead and translate it
to Arabic ASAP for deployment.

Alaa, on IRC, had noted needing a separate document/sheet outlining more
details on some recent problems for people to get more familiar with the
kind of work/tasks that'd be needed for (as a sample).  I'll have to
talk to M.Yousif in more detail to generate that, meanwhile we should
get this completed ASAP.

Keep in mind that this is one manner by which we can help people go out
there and raise awareness about the topic in hopes of attracting people
(linguists, specialists, historians, etc) to said cause.

[1] http://arabeyes.org/~nadim/unicode/unicode_help_en.pdf

Comments/Corrections, Ideas ?


 - Nadim

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