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Out for a month?


As you may know, I've had some unstable plans for where I will be settling since
Texas. It's getting a bit clearer now, as I am heading for Dubai tonight. I will
be settling there (for a long while I hope).

What this means for Arabeyes is that I will not be as readily available (if you
want to call the past period 'readily') as I used to. I will have no PC (I have
some parts but no motherboard/processor). It will be awhile before I have
something at home. This will mean that I will only be able to respond to emails,
but without the leisure to ssh or cvs or anythign of that sort. This is the
worst case scenario, it may be better.

We have gone through the overall structure of Arabeyes' system, so you guys
should be just fine without me (phew!). Nadim was working on the lists archiving
and I think there isn't much left to do there (if worse comes to worst, have
infrared run the cron job as root).

This will also mean that I will not available for meetings. Please do continue
to hold them (if and when). I will attempt to contact IBM over there by phone
and hopefully arrange an in-person meeting. This may help things (may).

I will send out another message to let you know my status, but as of now, I
would estimate a good month of semi-absense.

Have fun!
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