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Re: Registered - Kumade Khawi

Quoting Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com>:

> I'm thinking PuTTY for this guy ?  Thoughts ?

Sure. Stick him to PuTTY immediately!

> Or to a lesser extent the mlterm/command-line problem (but that is a
> very involved issue that has no clear-cut answer); again PuTTY :-)

Yes, PuTTY!

> Youcef, when/if you reply make sure he knows how to subscribe to our
> list(s) since the "canned" email response won't do.

Subscription info and whatnot can be found via listname-help at arabeyes dot org (just 
send an email)

> PS: welcome back Isam :-)

Welcome Isam, back to hell.

> PS: Moahmmed, we need to protect various archives like 'arch', etc
>     from people (ie. so it requires login) and so that google and
>     other search engines don't start looking into them.

Dammit! I thought I had that set as readonly. Okay, will fix soon as I get home.

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