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Let's try having a meeting one more time!

Friday Oct. 18, 2002
5:30 PM CDT

One item that does not necessarily go into the agenda is Isam's positioning
(or re-positioning?). Isam, I trust that you have invested some time to think
about what you would like to do.. what you really want to do. I think you've
had this conversation 1-to-1 with Nadim and myelf. 

On an unrelated note, I spent some time browsing through projectarabia's site.
I can't seem to figure out what they are all about. They seem to essentially
be a news portal. Then you see there is an implication of
development/coordination.. on another it looks like its targeting small
businesses with IT needs. After a brief conversation with Nadim on the subject
I think we need to investigate them a little further by initiating contact. I
think Nadim is just itching to get the ball rolling on this one <evil grin>. A
little probe to see how we can work with them to benefit all.

That's it from me.. 
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