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[zoe.moleshead@itp.net: RE: Linux feature for ACN]

These are a list of 'new' questions. Btw, the January issue of ACN is
ALREADY out (nevermind their outdated web pages), and does have a news
piece on arabeyes (not sure how big). But it's already there.

This is a slighly different issue (for February).

have fun!

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Hi Mohammed,

Firstly thank you for such a prompt reply to my e-mail. I have read the
answers you provided Greg with, and they proved both informative and
interesting, and, as you say largely answer many of my questions. I do
however, have a few other questions that hopefully you can answer.

1) Firstly, with regard to skills and training. It's fair to say that skills
are playing catch-up with IT needs, and Linux is perhaps suffering more than
others. I have just completed a training guide, and very few companies
actually provide Linux training. Why do you think this is and what do you
think can be done to redress this?

2) You mentioned in your answers to Greg that you are looking to educate and
create awareness amongst local universities about the role they can play in
developing Linux, what sort of response have you received from the
universities, and do you have any contact details for universities that are
working with Linux?

3) I was also hoping you might be able to clarify for me the amount of
traffic to your web site?

4) Do you think user group web sites, such as yours, are undervalued or
underrepresented in the region?

5) Finally if you could just tell what benefits Linux provides to users, and
why you have such a strong commitment to it.

As I mentioned in my previous e-mail, I am also interested in speaking to
any companies or users of Linux, and I was wondering if you knew of any
users that I could speak to.

Kind regards & many thanks for your help.


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Subject: Re: Linux feature for ACN

On Mon, Jan 07, 2002 at 03:45:20PM +0400, Zoe Moleshead wrote:
> Hi Mohammed,
> I work for Arabian Computer News (ACN) I believe you may have been in
> contact with my colleagues Greg Wilson or Matthew Southwell in the past.
> writing a Linux feature for the magazine his month and was hoping you
> find the time to answer some questions and also point me in the direction
> some Linux end users who would be keen to talk about their use of Linux.


You are right, we have been in contact with your collegue Greg Wilson,
who has sent us a total of 9 questions to answer. We have answered those
questions as comprehensively as we could.

I am not sure if what you are sending us now is a continuation of what
Greg has started with us, or if it's a different thing (but I can see
some similarities in the questions).

I am attaching the answers we sent to Greg, and will wait for your reply
to see if you still want us to answer your questions as well (and we
would be more than happy to).

Thank you.
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