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Re: My next Arabeyes projects...

On Mon, 07 Jan 2002 14:20:41 +0100
 "Chahine M. Hamila" <mch at chaham dot com> wrote:
> > The 'developer' mailing-list archives are your friend,
> >
> >   http://www.arabeyes.org/archives/developer/2002/January/msg00016.html
> What's the U+3000 limit in Xfree86???

Chahine, follow that thread on the 'developer' list that is all the info
I/we have - if you have issues, mail Markus (CC - roozbeh and 'developer').

> > I'm not talking about session terminals (KDE's or Gnome's); I'm talking
> > vanilla xterm (akin to what's been done to vim -- no external libs needed
> > except for fribidi).
> Still waiting for an explanation;)

Well, there are all sorts of terminals out there:

 xterm (orig terminal)
 Eterm (Enlignment's version)
 gterm (gnome's term)
 kterm (kde's term - if there is such a thing)


What we should do is try to find a solution that will encompass all these
things (underlying library or whatever) - and if there is NO central
solution then we should look by adding arabic to the MOST COMMON terminal
emulator out there.  There is also the issue that KDE and GNOME already
support Arabic (with QT & Pango respectively), so its very likely that
gterm (or whatever name its under) and kterm (if there is such a thing)
already might support Arabic.

The point to recap is NOT to work on gterm first (if it doesn't have arabic
support already), but to look into the MOST COMMON term first (whatever
that might be - what comes standard with all the linux distributions ? xterm
or rxvt or whatever) and add code to it and make sure that that code is
Incorporated into their main branch.  The inclusion is very important
(we should NOT work on external projects unless our code has a very good
chance of making it to their main trunk).

That's all..

 - Nadim

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