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Re: My next Arabeyes projects...

--- "Chahine M. Hamila" wrote:
> Now that Akka 1.0 is almost being released, a few thoughts about what I
> might want to work on, you guys tell me what you think is the most
> important, and bring your suggestions as well, as to what I might be
> most useful...
> - Akka 2.0 of course
> - Teach Your Kids Arabix (TYKA)
    + AraBasic
    + AraML 

> - Unix Tools Arabization
> - Debian Website Translation
> - Reverse Bidi Specs and implementation in Fribidi or standalone library.

Chahine - all sound interesting (esp. TYKA -- note vim's charityware license,
you might want to look into creating an Arab-charityware license for akka :-)

But to be completely honest with you none of them are essential RIGHT NOW in
regards to Arabeyes and getting us ahead a bit.  I agree that all need to be
addresses (again esp. TYKA), but those seem more open-ended and more long

The following HOT-PLATE issues concern me (if you are looking for something
to work on next),

 - XFree86's reply to including shaped Arabic font (code work ??)
 - Arabic xterm (axterm is there - we need fribidi (?) and to incorporate
   changes into main trunk - axterm author is on-board, but busy)
 - Spell-checker (Elzubeir's baby/orphan & sowalieh ?)
 - Web-based project/task manager (like 2-3 days worth of work for you, I
   have some concrete ideas (similar to epiware but much much smaller :-)

That's what I have in mind (by all means not complete).

 - Nadim

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