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Akka is complete, without visible bugs...

I fixed the glyph shaping problem, spent my flocking day on it and a few
other similar endian related bugs.

I didn't find the weekly_agenda, I guess I missed the meeting. Sorry
folks if I did (unless you decided to keep it for tomorrow).

Anyway, Akka now works perfectly, and is user-friendly.
There might be some endian-related bugs on PC, but I couldn't test them
coz my linux PC here had a hard disk crash. I believe I fixed them all
So I'm ready to submit, and waiting for your feedback first. I am going
to CVS the whole stuff in a few minutes. I do now consider this one to
be the first really significant release.

Another note, a long time ago Ahmed (the author of Acon) had given me up
the maintaince of Acon. Since I think Acon and Akka complete each other
(Akka is a lot more powerful though), I am going to ask him in order to
be polite if he wants to integrate Acon in Arabeyes, in which case, I'll
chonfigurize Acon and release as part of the Arabeyes project.

If any of you want to go on IRC, just tell me where and when, I can be
there in the few couple of hours or so...