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Akka, Phase Beta.

Ok folks.
Great news.
Akka is functionally complete and not unstable to the point of being
scary for everyday use.
Everything more or less works, with the exception of Glyph Shaping. I
think I kind of screwed the shape computing, it's not that bad but I
don't have the courage to look into it anymore now as I've spent the day
fixing major bugs. Besides, I'd better do some work on my incoming
exams' side. I will try to give it some time later though.
The configuration works perfectly, and the server is really a sample of
power for such a small driver/hack:)

I will submit it in coming couple of days, as soon as I manage to find a
couple of minutes to do it. As I said before, I don't know if I'll do it
through CVS or send you the tarball so you take care of it, since my
connection is for those who wear leather shorts...

Now, we have to push for its advertizing, because it is definitely
usable. The first step is of course to get RPMs (and DEBs) with more
standard sample config files than the one I've just written (Debian PPC
on  a French iBook, heh:)). I guess that fixing glyph shaping is
important for that as well (though imho it is not vital if we use
"square arabic").
I would like to focus on demonstrating the capabilities of Akka on a
regular basis, in order to make people curious to try it.
For this, I need someone to help writing an Arabic Console HOWTO, as
well as, later, a more up to date, complete and easy Akka Hacker Guide.
I will write every once in a while a long paragraph and post it on the
doc mailing list as a chapter of the HOWTO (or the AHG later, when we
will have generated enough interest).
The Arabic Console HOWTO will be a good way to attract developers, being
a generic console oriented HOWTO (though assuming one is using Akka).
Where your help will come is by organizing the HOWTO and doing the page
setup, since what I will post on the mailing list will be plain text,
and might be enriched by users' queries.

Now, when do you guys suggest the announcement, and how?