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Re: donations revisited

On Wednesday 02 January 2002 16:50, you wrote:
> The items there are not necessarily final, so don't start a tornado on
> what I wrote and didn't yet ;) This is just a demo!

TORNADO'S COMING !!  no I'm kidding :-) .. just few notes..
when stating how does the donation help, I guess ut us essentian to state that 
mainly the donations will help us to maintain Arabeyes goals, and Arabeyes' 
existance .. ther is some items that was not mentioned and we didn't discuss 
and maybe funded .. for instance, if the next Linux Arabization workshop took 
place in UAE, and none of the core ( or any who represnt them) was able to 
afford attending it.. if there was extra money, is there any thing that 
prevent Arabayes from contibuting in the costs of the attendance of any Core 
team member ( or any who represnt them) to represent Arabeyes there ? It 
would be ( as I see it) funding for Arabayes goal of being present where it 
There could be more senarios that could come up later.. so I suggest not 
specifing where will the money go.. it will ALL go toword funding Arabeyes 
Goals and existance .. that is the way I see it..

Isam Bayazidi
Amman - Jordan
Think Linux + Think Arabic = Think www.arabeyes.org