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Re: sf move plan

--- "Chahine M. Hamila" <mch at chaham dot com> wrote:
> Isam Bayazidi wrote:
> > I really can't see why Nadim and Chahine has strong hate for SF
> Coz everytime there's the slightest trouble we'll have to wait weeks to have
> it fixed... And there is always trouble in any project:)

ditto - being at the mercy of some external agency's whims for help is never
a good thing unless you are on your knees (which we, thankfully, are NOT).

> You have a good point about having an open window in SF. But mirroring the
> first page should be enough imnsho.

Again, I really think we need to mimic fvwm's approach - everything that is
dynamic (ie. CVS, mail-lists, etc) stays local, all the static pages get
copied to their fvwm.sourceforge.net mirror (on a nightly basis) -- personally
I think that's what we need to do.  If need be I can contact the guy that
did all that for fvwm (I've been in contact with him before regarding
something else, to ask him about any scripts, approaches, etc).  This will
give us the presence that some noted as "positive" :-)

 - Nadim

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