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Re: sf move plan

On Tuesday 13 November 2001 05:56, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:
> Hrmm. I am this <> close to dropping the whole idea. I think I know what
> Chahine has to say and I'm not sure if Isam has formed a strong prejudice
> against SF yet ;)

Well .. I didn't try sourceforge from the inside as Chahine did, o as 
Mohamed is doing.. out from the outside I see that SourceForge have a good 
infra structure and environment for open source projects. I am NOT implying 
that the Arabele's.org server is not...

About moving.. Moe said some good points, specially about exposing the 
arabeyesers to the open source community and vise versa .. So having arabeyes 
as a project in sourceforge is a good thing no matter how much we utilize SF 
.. Nadim is worried about the moving process.. and about any overhead that 
the moving may cause for the developers,commiters and general audience.. I 
don't see that moving is a bad idea.. neither I see it as an ASAP issue .. I 
think that if mirroring can be done for the website and the CVS ( is it 
possible to mirror the CVS ? ) it could provide a backup site whenever the 
arabeyes.org is down for power failure, for my USP failure (for example), or 
for any other reason that the main server Gert's down or inaccessible for any 
of us..

I really can't see why Nadim and Chahine has strong hate for SF .. I guess 
that I missed that chat :) .. but in any regards I see that having 
arabeyes.sourcefoge.net is a good thing.

			Isam Bayazidi
			Amman- Jordan