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More Public Relations..

This is what I call GREAT "PR"


Why haven't we thought of something similar or done anything along those
lines - certainly the companies would love to spread their distros and we
can help them somehow (it will bring attention to the Arab world and to
us in particular, no ?)

Mohammed - I don't think we are doing all that we can in terms of PR and
moving faster on that side; Isam has suggested we contact


The PC-Mag people and other publications -- could we do a similar ploy
as with ITP ???

I also think we could use help in this arena.  InfraRed -> BigBoss has
plenty of time on his hands and is an avid surfer (and a funny personality),
could we use him to do some of the leg work (he's in the UK).  I asked him
if he's interested and he said "Yes, very", so now the question is how
and with what...

Ideas/Comments ???

 - Nadim

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