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Re: No Logo from my man

--- Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir at fakkir dot net> wrote:
> Hehehe.. that's fine. Since this type of situaion is very predictable,
> I don't have any kinds of 'disappointments'. Like I said, usually 'friends'
> tend to promise to help, but since they have no personal interest in the
> project itself, they tend to not do anything.
> In any regard, we'll find our logo man when the time is right.

Are there arabic artistic bulletin-boards or chat-rooms or groups in
which we could solicit some help ?  Unless we are active about this
rather simple, but important, issue - it will be forgotten.  As we
are beginning some heavy external contact, we need to establish brand
recognition and as such its getting to really be a nuisance not having
a decent logo around.

 - Nadim

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